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Cruciani C,
success bracelets
20 february 2014
From the longstanding relationship with the well-known fashion house a project was created for the famous Cruciani C bracelets, for which we produce dozens of creative packaging varieties.
catalogue collections
17 january 2014
Catalogue of the Cruciani collection, produced with specific materials, printing techniques, and packaging devices.
Cruciani and Cruciani C,
Following careful planning, Cruciani and Cruciani C packaging was created for the latest collections, produced with precious paper, various print finishings and hand-finished details.
Patek Philippe,
luxe packaging
23 november 2013
Design and production of high-quality packaging and handcrafted confection for products used as corporate gifts by the well-known watchmaker.
planetary sphere
15 october 2013
Complex finishing production for Clementoni’s scientific game, printing on PET for games according to CEE regulations and special thermoforming confection with aluminium moulds.
Isaia, coordinated image
and packaging
7 november 2013
Research of materials and custom production of basic communication elements for the well-known Neapolitan company.
Who we are
"In 1957 Alviero Pittavini, my father, founded Tipografia Moderna in Ponte Felcino, which in 1970 acquired its current name, Tipografia Pontefelcino. With an entirely artisanal and predominantly typographical nature, the company continued its work until 1993, the year in which I took over.
With crucial support from my wife Manuela, I immediately tried to implement offset printing and packaging, remaining absolutely faithful to our pursuit for detail, quality and the historic craftsmanship of the company’s services. The definition ‘artisanal printing’ contains and summarises our company philosophy: targeted investments in state-of-the-art technology combined with artisanal quality. Rigorously Made in Italy."

Eros Pittavini
Who we are
After 40 years of experience in the field and having continually invested in order to become an advanced technology firm, we have created a new division specialised in typography and packaging products intended for the high-end international market sector.
This choice seamlessly blends an intellectual approach and a working philosophy: a committed team of people with expertise in typography and packaging production combined with experience in the creative sector and the market that have worked for years to assist designers in the production of high quality materials.
Who we are
What makes us different
our value chain.
passion (real passion for our craft and client relationships);
expertise (put us to the test!);
consultancy (we believe there is a difference between partners and suppliers; we prefer the former);
"work detail" (nothing is left to chance);
flexibility (to facilitate clients’ objectives, both in terms of products and services);
creativity (a team dedicated to assisting clients and their designs);
eco-friendly (continuous research into materials, inks and paints with low environmental impact);
prices (highly competitive for long-term relationships);
final quality of products and services (which has always been our strength).
Who we are
Productive capacity

To guarantee innovation, quality and efficiency, we have equipped ourselves with an efficient building that extends over approximately 1,000m² with an extremely modern machine inventory:

PC and Mac workstations;
Latest CPT Screen with the Trueflow work flow;
ORIS Color Tuner colour testing with Fogra certification.

Multi-colour offset machines.

Die cutters, hot stamping and thermal imaging machines, paper cutters, folding, staple collators, as well as various other accessory tools.

The potential of this printing technology, based on state-of-the-art machinery, is virtually unlimited. Any surface, paper-based or otherwise, can now be printed in four-colour or pantone, while maintaining all the features of traditional offsetting (screen ruling, stochastic, traditional or hybrid, etc.) With the addition of many UV printing benefits (instant-drying, gloss colours, partial or complete surface coating, both shiny and matte).
We use the Ryobi 755/E machine, with 6 reels, 5 colour spread, with trivalent preparation for traditional, hybrid and UV, UV-curing interdeck, long exit with 2 UV heaters, IR heater and hot air printing. This, with the use of traditional, hybrid and UV inks and paints allows the creation of amazing glossy/matte effects and printing on a wide range of materials: PVC, PET, plastic and metallic surfaces and Cialux covering, limited only by the thickness of the material, which must not exceed 0.6mm.
Our daily production

All of our products, from the simplest to the most complex, meet the highest quality criteria, providing our customers with an excellent end product is fundamental for us. This is one of the reasons that we have been trusted by companies in many different sectors for over 20 years.

Who we are
We have always supported large enterprises and small companies, and we have always put at their disposal our own desire to create fantastic and well-made products that last over time. We have worked with high-end clients including BMW, Cruciani, Cucinelli, Damiani, Isaia & Isaia, Patek Philippe, Louis Vuitton, Zegna, Arnaldo Caprai Gruppo Tessile, as well as many of the most important Italian communication and advertising agencies.
Our strength

The comprehensive approach to client services develops in different areas of the company, as well as in daily activities:

Creative team, supportive layout work, project development
Laboratory prototypes and manual productions
Proofreading services
Research and selection of paper and materials
Library and collection for clients
Personalised packaging for clients
Provisional stock
Management of differentiated consignments
Express delivery service
Client materials historical archive
Back-up service (reserve and archive copies)

Get in touch, even if it is only to discuss an idea or a product. We are always available to give you our point of view, to evaluate your projects and begin new working relationships.

Tipografia Pontefelcino srl
via del Ferro, 21
06134 – Ponte Felcino (Perugia)- Italy

Tax code and Company Registration
Perugia 02961980543

VAT 02961980543
REA PG 253725

Share Capital € 100.000,00 i.v.
Company not in liquidation
Not a sole-proprietorship company

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Press area
Press Releases
For press information about the company, products and production techniques, materials research, projects and the samples library available to clients please contact us at press@pontefelcino.com
Materials research
A quality solution
For us the paper and materials are essential for the realisation of quality products.
Our work involves constant research to make available the best the market has to offer on an international scale. An entire library is available to the clients and companies with whom we work.
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